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BioSculpture Gel Nail System

    Encourage your natural nails to grow like you've never seen!  BioSculpture Gel is a 5 star safety rated gel that requires no drilling or harsh etching and can be soaked off.  It's flexible, rubber-like texture minimizes breaks and cracks.  Formulated not to chip or crack and to provide the least amount of damage possible, BioSculpture will ensure the natural beauty you want from your nails without the fake look.  And the best part?  It comes in colours for the look of polish without the chipping!

BioSculpture Gel Overlay  (clear or colour)                        $40

BioSculpture Gel Overlay   (french)                                       $45

BioSculpture Gel Tips                                                     $55

Gel Fill                                                                                                                                    $35